The River Cycleway

A sustainable cycling and walking highway

The River Cycleway will deliver transportation and clean tech innovations for megacities situated on tidal rivers around the world.

Pioneers in sustainable urban river travel

The River Cycleway has the potential to address a number of priority issues confronting cities across the world. Our project seeks to tackle these systemic challenges by developing innovative floating cycling and walking pathways that will revolutionise urban mobility whilst helping offset carbon footprints by generating its own source of renewable energy.

Improving air quality

Enabling green transport

Increasing cycle and pedestrian safety

Addressing climate change

What is the River Cycleway?

The River Cycleway is a state-of-the-art, traffic-free, floating bicycle and pedestrian pathway designed for London and other global cities.

Our green transport system allows commuters, city dwellers and visitors to enjoy the experience of walking and cycling on the Thames and other waterways.

By being faster, greener and safer than existing cycle paths, the River Cycleway will help kickstart a cycling revolution!

Support for the River Cycleway

"I find it inspiring to see that a female led collaborative vision is promoting the health of the planet, the health of communities and a human connection to our environment, our cities and each other above profit “at any cost”  and succeeding in doing so."


- Nadine B. Hack, Top 100 Thought Leaders on Trustworthy Business Behaviour 

“This  project  is an extraordinarily  bold  statement  of confidence  in  our  capital,  that  will  open  up  opportunities to  spread  wealth  further  and  wider  than  ever  before.”

Tim  Smit,  Chairman  Co-Founder  of  Eden  Project  Trust

“The River Cycleway  is  an  inspirational  project  because  the  Thames  has  been  London’s lifeline  throughout  history”

Peter  Murray,  Chairman  of  New  London  Architecture

“The  years  ahead  will  see  a  changing  climate  that  will  challenge    our  thinking  and  approach  to  every  aspect  of society.  The River Cycleway  and  some  of  the  spin-off  thinking  about  how  this  technology  could  be  used  for community  resilience  and  emergency  response  situations  sparks a  range  of  innovative  opportunities”

Simon  Moody, the  London  Area  Manager  of  the  Environment  Agency

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